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GHOST FOR BREAKFAST (ENG) di Giovanni Pigato e Silvia Vincis

GHOST FOR BREAKFAST (ENG) di Giovanni Pigato e Silvia Vincis

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di Giovanni Pigato e Silvia Vincis

This story is about ghosts, dark figures that assault you when you are more vulnerable.
Phantoms of the creation, background noises that are imperceptible during the day and can be heard only at night.
Your head has just rested on the pillow, you are letting yourself go. You are closing your eyes.
Here they are, in front of you in the half-light.
You can’t do without dealing with them. You can’t touch them.
You must play with it like juggler by juggling and stopping the object in the air. But without let them fall.
If they touch the floor you are fooled. It means you will never get rid of them.
Ghost for breakfast investigates the dark side of the artistic incitement.
The need to tell is like a woodworm waiting to go out; in the meanwhile it is getting out of its way in the soul of the wood.
Actors, film makers, artists, writers: nobody is exempt, nobody can hope to avoid this meeting.
It’s a strong performing experience that destroys pieces to let the body change.
As Liv Ullmann made in that same moment in which she chose to prove herself as an actress, reinvented herself trusting in the artistic inspiration. Since my first meeting with her 10 years have passed; the time of three interviews (Rome in 2008, Stockholm in 2009 and Oslo in 2017) and a monography (Liv Ullmann. Story of a face and a look, 2018).
You are going to read a biographic novel dedicated to the multifaceted Norwegian artist and to the film maker Ingmar Bergman. It is a dreamlike homage with a plot like a Chinese puzzle that investigates the dark side of the artistic incitement by reconsidering the creative and personal relationship between them.
The subject and the screenplay are signed by me, whereas the drawings, the cover and the lettering are made by my husband, Giovanni Pigato. The sources of inspiration are different as usual: The Hour of the Wolf, The magic Flute, Shame, the biographies of both (Changing, Choices, The Magic Lantern). And then the Scandinavian theatre, Samuel Beckett...and someone else we don’t mention here because we’d like you to find him/her…. (write us your opinions here .. type GHOST FOR BREAKFAST on Facebook).
What else?
Enjoy your breakfast!

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